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Tax Lawyer

When to Call a Tax Lawyer – How Can They Help?

Tax laws are complex and, getting behind just one year can become a very challenging situation to overcome. Many individuals and businesses find themselves struggling with what to do when this happens. You may think you are up against the IRS on your own and unsure how to move forward. At Martelle Gordon & Associates, we can help you. When you work with a tax lawyer, you get insight into what your options are for overcoming the situation you are in. Who can benefit from working with our team?


You Have Unfiled Tax Returns

One of the most common times to call on a tax lawyer is because you did not file your returns in one or more years. When this happens, it creates a situation in which you have to face the IRS and its numerous penalties and interest costs. If you have unfiled tax returns, our attorney can work closely with you and the IRS to get them filed properly and then work to negotiate new conditions for you. If you owe money, which is very common, we can work with you and the IRS to determine the most affordable repayment structure to get you caught up as soon as possible.


You Are Facing a Tax Audit

There are many situations in which a tax audit can be worrisome. If you have made mistakes or you have taxes owed, you may be worried about what will happen during an audit. You may also be worried about the potential risks moving forward, including the costs you have to pay to get caught up. This can be frustrating and overwhelming.

An attorney from our team can help you. We can work with you to ensure you are ready for the audit. We can then help you with any legal matters that arise as a result of the tax audit. Even if you have already been through the process and you are facing complications from it, let us help you.

What can a tax lawyer do for you? We can help you to work with the IRS and ensure the IRS has all of the necessary information to offer you the best deal moving forward. Every situation is very different, but our goal is to ensure the best possible outcome in your situation.

For over four decades, Martelle Gordon & Associates has worked to provide quality service and knowledge-based advice to our clients. No matter why you may need a tax lawyer, you can depend on our team to be there to support and guide you. Call on us today to learn more about your legal options and the type of support we can offer.

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