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Compromise Lawyers Boise, Idaho

Experienced Offers in Compromise Lawyers Obtain IRS Tax Settlements in Idaho

Representing clients with tax problems throughout the United States from our Boise offices

UPDATE: The IRS has recently reduced dramatically the amount required to settle an Offer in Compromise. The amount that a taxpayer must pay to settle an OIC has been reduced by 75%.

If you have had the misfortune of falling behind on your IRS obligations and need assistance getting back on your feet again, you may be able to lessen your burden through an Offer in Compromise (OIC). But the IRS accepts less than 10 percent of applications for Offers in Compromise. At Martelle & Associates, P.A., our dedicated Idaho tax attorneys work hard to increase the chances of having your offer accepted. We have over a 90% acceptance rate on Offers filed by our office.

What is an Offer in Compromise, and how does it work?

An OIC is a tax settlement between the IRS and a person or business. It settles the liability according to what the debtor can afford to pay, not what is owed, unlike an installment agreement. We take pride in being able to arrange many such tax settlements for our clients.

There are two major grounds for an OIC tax settlement:

  • Doubt as to collectability. Most OIC settlements are based on doubt as to collectability, which simply means that the IRS does not think it can collect the full amount owed.

  • Doubt as to liability. Doubt as to liability applies when there is a legitimate dispute about whether you owe a debt to the IRS.

If you file an OIC, the IRS stops taking steps to collect while the matter is pending, and you can obtain a levy release. You may also be able to stop making payments on an installment agreement.

The IRS doesn’t settle with taxpayers for less than it believes it is owed without good reason. The agency looks very carefully at the information provided and usually requests updated information, perhaps several times throughout the process.

With Martelle & Associates, P.A. representing you, you have Boise tax attorneys who are in it for the long haul. The process may be lengthy, but we remain by your side, vigorously fighting to get your OIC accepted.

How we can help you succeed with your OIC

We partner with you to provide a convincing argument to the IRS about why it should accept your offer. Our attorneys pull out all the stops when we represent you by taking the following actions:

  • Gathering all the necessary information

  • Preparing extensive, relevant documentation

  • Submitting the package at the best time to the most appropriate location

  • Complying with all IRS requests for additional information

  • Negotiating with the IRS to settle your matter for the lowest dollar amount possible

  • Appealing your case if it is rejected

  • Filing an action in court to get the OIC accepted in certain circumstances

With more than 40 years of combined experience advising clients on Offers in Compromise and tax laws, we provide an honest assessment of your chances for success with an OIC. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we deliver the highest quality of legal services to clients throughout the United States who have IRS problems.

Settle for pennies on the dollar … fact or fiction?

Some no-baloney facts about the claims made by some national organizations

If you have a lien filed against you, you will get advertisements from all over the country claiming they can settle your taxes for “pennies on the dollar.” You also see advertisements on television and in other places that claim to be able to settle your liability for a small portion of what you owe.

Then, when you respond, they will charge you $3,500 to $6,000 to represent you. The sad part is that you might or might not qualify for an Offer in Compromise. We have heard stories about how these organizations just rip people off, then after they have gone through the process say, “sorry, but the IRS just won’t accept your proposal.” And this is after going through thousands of dollars and a year of time. Often these people are left in much worse shape than when they started.

The truth of the matter is that the IRS doesn’t just settle with taxpayers for minimal amounts without good reason. There are specific criteria that the IRS is required to follow before accepting settlements. There are also levels of review that must be met to accept an Offer.

FACT: There were approximately 122,000 Offers in Compromise filed in a recent year.

FACT: There were only about 12,000 accepted. That is less than one in 10 Offers accepted!

FACT: Many of these companies have had MANY complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau. Many of them have had lawsuits filed against them where they had to pay huge damages to settle.

Some examples are:

American Tax Relief
American Tax Relief- Worst
Roni Deutch
JK Harris
Omni Financial

Do you need an attorney to help with your Offer?

The simple fact is that having a competent and honest attorney handle your Offer will dramatically increase the chances of it being accepted! The problem is finding the right professional.

How do you know what to do? How do you know whom to trust?

At Martelle & Associates, P.A we will provide a free NO BULL evaluation of your circumstances. We will tell you whether or not you qualify for an Offer in Compromise or some other form of relief.

  • We will tell you honestly whether or not we can help

  • We will tell you what we can and can’t do for you

  • We will give you a written fee quote if we can help

  • We will vigorously represent you if you retain us

  • We will keep in contact with you

  • We will be completely honest with you

We have settled many cases for very modest amounts of money. We have also advised people that they will not qualify for an OIC. We tell people the truth!

Reduce your tax liability with an experienced Boise Offers in Compromise lawyer

For a lawyer who can give you an honest assessment of your chance for success with an OIC and effectively handle the process from start to finish, call Martelle & Associates, P.A. at 208-938-8500. We offer free consultations at our Boise and Eagle offices. We serve clients throughout the state of Idaho, including Boise, Eagle, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, North Idaho, Twin Falls, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell, as well as Malheur County, Oregon.

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