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Tax Audits

Effective Tax Audit Attorneys Offer Solutions in Idaho

Protecting clients from IRS tax audits from our offices in Boise and Eagle

When a tax audit or examination notice arrives informing you that your tax return has been chosen for examination, the news can immediately cause anxiety and fear. At Martelle & Associates, P.A. we can use our vast knowledge of the workings of the IRS to your advantage and help to reduce your tax bill. But, you need a tax attorney now!

Why do tax audits happen?

Returns are selected for examination for many reasons. Following is a list of the most typical causes of IRS audits:

  • Basic tax audit. Basic tax audits are randomly selected. They can impose difficulties for the average taxpayer because the IRS revenue agent inspects every aspect of the tax return and requires substantiation of each item on the return.

  • Expenses. If the IRS thinks you may be writing off expenses that are not allowable as write-offs, you may be audited. Various expenses can raise a red flag, including those related to travel.

  • Underreported income. The IRS looks for proof that taxpayers are declaring their full income.

  • No return filed. If a business or person does not file the necessary returns, the IRS files a Substitute for Return for them and sends out a Notice of Deficiency. If the taxpayer does not protest this notice, it results in a tax assessment. An SFR often results in your income being overstated and any business or personal expenses not being included.

How we can help you when you face a tax audit

If your return is chosen for audit or examination, or if you receive a notice from the IRS informing you of a tax assessment, you need to immediately enlist the help of a tax attorney so you can prepare.

You have to comply with many strict deadlines and guidelines during an IRS tax audit. All your documentation must be gathered and prepared in a manner that allows the IRS to easily examine it. The IRS audit process can be exhausting. However, if you obtain competent legal representation, your chances of owing less or no money to the IRS at the end of the audit process are much better than if you try to handle it yourself.

If you miss the deadlines and the tax is assessed, the IRS takes steps to collect. If this occurs, often your best option is to request an audit reconsideration. This application asks the IRS to take another look at the taxes that were assessed and reconsider whether you owe them. At Boise tax law firm Martelle & Associates, P.A., we take pride in our successful track record of vigorously representing clients all over the United States and doing our best to solve their tax problems.

Let an experienced Boise tax audit lawyer help you deal with the IRS

If you face a tax audit by the IRS for any reason, you need an efficient tax lawyer who can advise you of your rights and represent you effectively before the IRS. Call Martelle & Associates, P.A. at 208-938-8500 for a no-obligation consultation about your rights. We serve clients throughout the state of Idaho, including Boise, Eagle, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, North Idaho, Twin Falls, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell, as well as Malheur County, Oregon.

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