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IRS Offer in Compromise - What You Need to Know!

Find out if you qualify to settle your taxes for much less than you owe before submitting your offer!

Most taxpayers hear stories of settling for pennies on the dollar, which involves submitting an Offer in Compromise (OIC), but very few understand what an IRS Offer in Compromise entails. Although it’s true that some taxpayers can settle for pennies on the dollar, there is a formula that the IRS uses to make this determination. There is also an extensive amount of pre-planning that goes into submitting a successful OIC to the IRS.

You may not be able to settle for pennies on the dollar, but we’ve helped hundreds of taxpayers over the last twenty years settle their tax liabilities with the IRS for substantially less than what they owe.

We can help you figure out if you qualify for an OIC and get you the best deal possible! We have a success rate of approximately 85-90% on OICs that we submit to the IRS. Let our years of expertise help you see if you can take advantage of this IRS program!

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