• Martelle, Gordon

IRS Not Filing Liens Right Now!

The IRS is not filing liens at the present time for most past due taxes. This can be important for taxpayers, because of the issues that liens create when filed. A lien is a matter of public record and can prevent financing on a property, impede the purchase and sale of property and affect a person's credit score.

This means that if an Installment Agreement is entered into, that the IRS won’t file a tax lien at the current time. I believe that if a taxpayer enters into a payment plan that it is unlikely that the IRS will file a lien once they start doing so once again. There is no certainty of this, but in my opinion, they will have their hands full with collections from people and businesses that aren’t paying their taxes. It is likely that those on an Installment Agreement won’t have to worry about the downsides of lien filings.

There is no certainty that this will happen; however, the tax professionals that I network with believe it is very likely.

Now is the time to get an installment agreement in place!

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