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Making the Decision to File Bankruptcy

When your financial health is impacting your physical health, it is time to get support. At Martelle Gordon & Associates, our attorneys work with many people struggling with financial turmoil and difficulty. Sometimes this happens due to making poor financial decisions. Other times, it is life circumstances, medical debt, or divorce that pushes people into a dangerous financial scenario. Whenever it happens, the most important thing to know is you likely have options. For some, bankruptcy is a solution.


What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is the process of asking the court to discharge, or forgive, some or all of your debt. You prove to the court you cannot make payments on your debt and that it is creating financial hardship to do so. There are various requirements you must meet to secure bankruptcy, but many men and women will have the ability to do so. With several types of bankruptcy available, most people will find some help.

Our goal is to help you file, if it fits your needs, and protect the assets you own. Once discharge occurs, you are no longer financially obligated to make payments on these debts. This is a legal action, and it can impact your credit score for up to ten years.


What About Foreclosure Assistance?

If you are facing foreclosure from your home lender, it is important to act quickly. Bankruptcy will not fix foreclosure, but it can create an opportunity for foreclosure assistance. When you file, the foreclosure action is frozen until you can work with the court and the lender to come to an agreement, if that’s possible.

At Martelle Gordon & Associates, we can help you with determining if bankruptcy is right for you and provide you with foreclosure assistance to determine what your needs are. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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