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Malheur County Tax and Bankruptcy

Experienced Attorneys Helping Clients in Malheur County, Oregon with Bankruptcy and Tax Laws

If you live in Malheur County, Oregon, you must file for bankruptcy in Boise and go to your hearings in Boise. Hire a bankruptcy attorney close to the court and save on legal fees!

Providing quality representation for all federal bankruptcy and tax matters

If you live in Malheur County, Oregon and are dealing with debt or federal tax issues, you need to think very carefully about how best to proceed. You also need to make sure you are properly advised about your options and rights. At Martelle & Associates, P.A., our knowledgeable bankruptcy and tax attorneys can help you file a Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy and provide Malheur County residents with protection from the IRS.

Why our Boise-based bankruptcy lawyers are your best bet

Although you live in the state of Oregon, there is a longstanding rule, approved by the United States Judicial Conference, that the federal bankruptcy court in Boise, Idaho has jurisdiction over residents of Malheur County and other eastern Oregon communities, such as Ontario and Vale. At Martelle & Associates, P.A., we have extensive experience advising residents of Malheur County on their bankruptcy options. These can include:

  • Chapter 7. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to liquidate your debts and liabilities. This option is for individuals and businesses that are unable to meet their debt obligations.

  • Chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops collection activity against you and provides a period of stability to propose a plan of repayment. Providing you with an opportunity to repay debts while using various options to restructure debt, this form of bankruptcy is available for individuals and in certain business bankruptcies.

  • Chapter 11.  Chapter 11 business bankruptcy may allow you an opportunity to save your business and reorganize your debt. Our bankruptcy attorneys are well versed in Chapter 11 procedures and we can advise you with an analysis whether you qualify for reorganization.

Our local positioning and familiarity with the courts in Boise give us a significant advantage over Oregon attorneys. We know the judges, and we won’t have to travel far to provide you with excellent representation in front of them.

How we can help you with tax issues

If you’re looking for an attorney to guide you through the maze of tax laws in Malheur County, Oregon, we can help. We provide an honest assessment of your situation and support you throughout all IRS hearings and processes. Our tax attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience representing clients across the United States with IRS negotiations and appeals. Our high success rate is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our attorneys.

Let an outstanding Boise bankruptcy and tax attorney act as your Malheur County, Oregon bankruptcy attorney

For an experienced bankruptcy and tax lawyer who can advise you on the best course of action in Malheur County, call Martelle & Associates, P.A. at [ln::phone] or contact us online. We offer no-obligation consultations at our Boise and Eagle offices in Idaho, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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