Going through a bankruptcy was one of the hardest things that we have ever had to experience in our lives. We were confused, embarrassed and scared. When we were led to you and Marty, we were treated with kindness, respect and our fears were softened. We can’t begin to thank you and Marty for always answering our questions when we called. We can’t begin to thank you and Marty for calming our fears when we would begin to have a meltdown. You took this burden from us so we could begin to heal and we so greatly appreciate it. Our faith in human kindness has once again been restored. May God bless you and your wonderful staff for all that you do. Thanks is just not enough. –Phil & Julie

Thank you for speaking at the recent Consumer Bankruptcy Law Conference. I received numerous compliments from those in attendance regarding the presentations and materials. Your involvement helped make the seminar a great success. Thank you for supporting the Texas Bar Association and Bankruptcy Section with your valuable participation. –Erin B. Shank, P.C.

What brought you to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A.? Issues with the IRS & State Tax Commission. What was your general experience with Mr. Martelle and his staff? Excellent. –23rd Annual Texas Bar Advanced Consumer Bankruptcy Seminar

Thank you for all of your hard work and being so detailed. It was very evident at the meeting of the creditors, that some of the attorney’s did not prepare their clients and did not have full disclosure prior to showing up for their meeting. You guys were all very detail oriented and kept in close contact with me to make sure that I would follow through with the requests. Thank you again, you are all very much appreciated! –Vivian

What brought you to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A.? IRS Tax Issue – very serious debt issue. What was your general experience with Mr. Martelle and his staff? Wonderful – All staff were great, kept us informed, advised us to the best of their ability. What might you tell others about your experience? Affordable – Felt we were taken care of with very little stress. We felt very confident in Dena, Mr. Martelle and staff. Other Comments: We thank you so much for all the time and effort Dena & staff put forward. She was very professional and honest. We are very happy with the results and our tax liability, all credit goes to Martelle Law. –Jerry O.

What brought you to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A.? I had owed the IRS a lot of money for five years of taxes and Martelle Law made an OIC and I paid $1,600. That was awesome, thank you so much Martelle Law. What was your general experience with Mr. Martelle and his staff? Martelle Law, staff awesome, always on top of everything. Called you right back when they were not available. You are awesome, the stress is gone. What might you tell others about your experience? Martelle Law is the right place to call when you have tax problems. Great service and outcome. Other Comments: Dena, you were so awesome every time I would call and have doubts you always talked me through it and no matter what, you had the utmost patience for me. Thank You, Awesome Job! –James Campbell

I would like to express my sincerest thanks for the job you have done on my IRS woes. After a three-year battle, penalties, interest and back taxes in the amount of $117,000.00 your expertise landed me an Offer in Compromise in the amount of $6,500!!!! Your fees were very fair; your staff is always accessible and knowledgeable. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone with tax issues. Thanks again. –Jeff

As a single mother of two I owed and operated my own business for several years. In 1999 the IRS disputed my taxes and in 2000 I shut my business down. I went to work for another company for several years and kept trying to catch up on the amount of taxes owed. Even though I kept paying payments the interest and penalties kept growing. I got married in 2003 and suddenly the IRS wanted to add all the assets of my new husband to my previously disputed debt. Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. worked with the IRS and me to keep my husband’s property from being included in my pre-marriage tax settlement. After many years of frustration for me and my husband that debt is finally settled for 5% of the original amount that the IRS wanted to charge. I strongly recommend the services and expertise of Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A.. The staff is outstanding and gives 110%. I really appreciate all the time and effort that they had put forth for me to settle this ongoing debt. Thank You All So Much! –Cindy

What brought you to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A.? Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances I find myself owing the IRS $98,000 dollars. I am looking for work and have no idea how I can pay this debt. Feeling desperate and depressed, I contacted Martelle Law for help. What was your general experience with Mr. Martelle and his staff? Excellent! Mr. Martelle is straightforward and comforting to talk with. His assistant Dena is on top of everything, keeps you well informed and is a pleasure to work with. What might you tell others about your experience? First, don’t get into a bind with your taxes if you can help it. But if you need help in dealing with the IRS, Martelle Law will work to protect your interest, find a solution and give you some peace of mind! What might you tell others about your experience? Martelle Law was cost-effective and got our issues settled quickly and in our favor. Other Comments: I would highly recommend this firm to anyone that has tax problems. –David R.

A friend of mine recommended Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. to resolve my tax liability. Throughout my experience with Martelle Law, the staff walked me through every step of the way. I had trusted the wrong person to take over my bookkeeping and to take on half of the ownership on the business I had built. Before I realized it I was in a bad situation. Martelle Law’s staff guided me out of the situation. I am very grateful for Mr. Martelle and his staff. –Reid M.

I came to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. to resolve my tax liability and to file an Offer in Compromise. Martelle Law’s staff was very professional, easy to work with and readily available to answer questions. It was a pleasure to work with a similar problem to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. –Ken R.

We had a problem with the IRS. Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. has good workmanship and are very friendly people. They did a very good job for us. –Mustafa C.

I received a letter regarding tax help, but I didn’t have qualifying tax debt. The attorney Robin Long was prompt and very knowledgeable. I was satisfied with the help I received upon getting a lawyer to handle my case, therefore I should have come sooner. I needed an immediately solution for my issue and appreciated the speed in which this was settled. –Wynette D.

I just wanted to thank Dena and Marty for the great job they did on my Offer in Compromise. They were there every step of the way. I wouldn’t want to try to do this myself. They were very professional. Thank you very much! –D. Palmer

What brought you to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A.? I was referred to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. by my accountant. What was your general experience with Mr. Martelle and his staff? Mr. Martelle and his staff are miracle workers. They were able to negotiate what I owed on my taxes down to approximately $6,000. I originally owed well over $100,000. It was a pleasure to work with Marty, Sarah & Dena. They were all very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of the process. They have honestly changed the future for me and my family. I will always be grateful for what they have done for me. What might you tell others about your experience? I have already referred many people to Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. and will continue to do so in the future. They are all very professional and do quality work. –D.L.

To anyone who has or may have an IRS tax problem now or in the future, this is what Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. did for me. They saved me from paying the IRS $45,000 and reduced it to a fair and honest payment of $14,500. Their fee was fair and I would recommend them to anyone having a similar problem. –Jonny B.

We were in pretty dire straits and needed help. Our daughter started looking for help for us and found Marty Martelle. He helped to get us started in the right direction. He connected us with Neide Miller and she was wonderful. She helped us get things straightened out and now we’re back on track. We really appreciate these people for all that they have done for us and would recommend them to anyone needing help in this regard. –Rollie & Rachel

We just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the work you did recently on our state of CA Offer in Compromise. Since January 2004, when we first learned of the unpaid taxes from early 1980s, until August of 2006, we have been trying to deal with the state on our own. We tried to submit our own offer, which not only was denied, but ended up with the state threatening to garnish our wages. The process of dealing with the state was very time-consuming and demanding. We have worked very hard and had some bad luck financially, but we managed to pay our bills on time and maintain our credit. Now it looked like bankruptcy might be our only options. You drew upon your prior experience in dealing with compromise offers to help us submit an offer that we felt was fair and would keep us out of bankruptcy court. Words cannot express our relief when our officer was accepted by the state. The cover letter you included with our financial paperwork and your office dealing with the state made all the difference. You were able to do in months what we couldn’t do ourselves in two years. We truly want to thank you for treating us with respect and doing such a professional job. –Bruce and Lisa Stropp

I have over the past 35 years of being in business had the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious and nationally renowned law firms in the nation. These firms all provide legal advice and layers upon layers of paper work along with huge legal fees. Five years ago, I found myself being set up by my Harvard MBA partner and his army of lawyers from Boise, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. With their combined efforts, I found myself facing the IRS and hundreds of thousands of dollars in back 941 employment tax payments plus the staggering penalties for something I didn’t do or have any knowledge of. Just the thought of the overwhelming responsibility and financial burden was breathtaking, which made me very ill for many years. My first attempt at settling the issues cost over $50,000 in legal fees, and all I was, was being mislead and misdirected before my lawyer gave up and resigned. What a waste of my hard-earned money that cannot be recovered. Three months ago, I hired Marty Martelle and his law firm in a last ditch effort to get some relief on this matter. Mr. Martelle was very direct and upfront about your chances , what the fees would be, and what he wanted me to do. He did not waste my time and I followed his directions at every visit. Today, May 11, 2006 the IRS cleared me of all responsibility in this matter. Marty put this case to rest and won in less than 90 days at less than half the fees I have already paid to the great high rise law firms. The best money I have ever spent on a lawyer. Job well done!!!! –John Green

Thank you so much for your help. When I first came to Mr. Martelle, the IRS was threatening to take assets away from me because of three years where I had failed to file my taxes. For those three years the IRS charged me with over thirty thousand dollars in penalties and fees even though I have received a return every year. I was notified and they wanted that money immediately. Mr. Martelle went right to work on the problem. He and his staff have always been so courteous and helpful. His patience and knowledge made an extremely terrifying situation a lot easier to cope with. Mr. Martelle was able to have my debt cancelled and it appears I might even get a return. Thanks again to Mr. Martelle and his wonderful staff for their magnificent help. I will always recommend Martelle, Bratton & Associates, P.A. to anyone needing advice on serious help with their tax situation. — Shane Touchette