A Delay to Tax Season

Waiting in LineThe government shutdown is having a ripple effect on the IRS’s schedule. The IRS originally planned to receive 2013 tax returns as early as January 21, 2014. Now, however, the IRS will not accept your 2013 tax returns until, at the earliest, January 28. They have also said that this date may slip back even further, to February 4.

The delay is being blamed on the need for the IRS to update of its systems to reflect changes to the tax law that will apply to 2013 taxes. The IRS is also hopeful that an update to their systems may curtail the number of faulty payments it makes every year.

This delay is not great news for those that like to file early in the year or for those who want or need to get their tax refund early on. The delay will not change the non-extension due date for tax returns, April 15.

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